PBS News Hour Interview

Recently I along with others was interviewed for a segment on airline wheelchair travel for the PBS news hour. The interview was about an hour, but they can only fit in snippets of what you say. I’m still sorry they didn’t include what I told them was the most important thing- which is that there need to be dedicated spaces on airplanes for wheelchairs to be. This would help nearly all wheelchair travelers. It would protect their chairs, keep them comfortably in their own chair, eliminate the need for horrible aisle chairs and make it possible for people who need highly specialized chairs to travel by air period. Sadly they then asked me if that would work for me. Because of the recline it doesn’t, so I said they should let people like me fly for the same price in a lay-down seat if they can’t accommodate a reclining chair. Of course that was what they put. Ah well.

Still, I am very very glad they are drawing attention to the issue.

Link to the segment here: https://www.pbs.org/video/unequal-access-1640126270/

Published by Mary Corey March

I am a contemporary artist living and working in San Francisco. The root of my work is exploring both the individual person and humanity through identity, relationships, diversity, and commonality. How do we define ourselves and each other? Where do we draw the lines and what happens _on_ those lines? How to we frame our experiences? How much of our humanity can come through in a data format? Through our symbolic images? Our words? Our definitions? Our bodies? These are the questions I delve into again and again. In May of 2017 I became disabled with ME/CFS. I have since continued my artwork with the help of assistants. I am in a wheelchair outside of the home.

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