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We were there for a wedding, so that was our primary focus, but we did manage to get out a bit. Flying in We had to fly into Honolulu first because the only flights from SF to Hawaii with lay-back seats (which I need for long flights) go through there. The hop to Maui wasContinue reading “Maui”

PBS News Hour Interview

Recently I along with others was interviewed for a segment on airline wheelchair travel for the PBS news hour. The interview was about an hour, but they can only fit in snippets of what you say. I’m still sorry they didn’t include what I told them was the most important thing- which is that thereContinue reading “PBS News Hour Interview”


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I’m Corey. Before May of 2017 I was a highly active martial artist/circus artist/dancer who grew up a high level gymnast. Then I got ME/CFS, and now among other things I need a huge reclining wheelchair to support me outside the home.

I have always loved to travel, and I have learned that I still can with my wheelchair. I hope that sharing my adventures with you helps you have adventures of your own.

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