I’m Corey. Before May of 2017 I was a highly active martial artist/circus artist/dancer who grew up a high level gymnast. Then I got ME/CFS, and now among other things I need a huge reclining wheelchair to support me outside the home.

I have always loved to travel, and I learned that I still can in the wheelchair. I hope that sharing my adventures with you helps you have adventures of your own.

Resource Sites

A great resource site on accessible travel: https://wheelchairtravel.org

Another fantastic wheelchair travel blog from someone (another Cory!) whose limitations are different from mine (he can sit upright, but cannot walk at all) and who has traveled much more in the chair.

Handiscover an international accessible Travel Agency. I haven’t tried them yet, but they come recommended by Cory Lee

Cfs-me-navigator.com my patient-to-patient resource site for ME/CFS with many links to research and other resources.


*I realize I am very lucky to be able to afford to do these trips and that not everyone who is disabled can. I try to include less expensive alternatives where I can, but I can only share my own experience and hope that some of what I share can help others find something they can do. We all have our own privileges and challenges.

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  1. Hi! Before 1999, I was a homeschool mom of 5, a long distance runner, and owner of my own business. Sadly, MECFS has taken it all from me. I had several instances (with my young kids) where I had to lie down in the dressing rooms at Walmart, etc. Wouldn’t really ‘come-to’ for 4-5 hours. Employees would be crawling under the doors to get to me. I finally got a wheelchair, but I can’t sit upright for more than 20 min at the most. Cannot afford a reclining motorized wheelchair. So I’ve been completely bedbound for the last 15 years. What is a person to do?


    1. I know these feels. I can’t sit up either, same reason. So sorry it has been so long for you! Try ebay. That’s how I got my first (reclining, motorized) chair. Way less expensive. Also, there are some treatments available now that really helped me (now I can sit up for about 2 hours instead of 15-20 min). See treatments section cfs-me-navigator.com


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