Day 11 Techapi to SF and conclusions

Our trip: SF>Barstow>Grand Canyon>Bryce Canyon>Moab/Arches>Santa Fe>Petroglyphs/Gallup (route 66)>Petrified Forest/Needles (route 66)>Joshua Tree/Techapi>SF

This time on our way back we took a 30 min detour to take the 5 instead of taking 99, though it was the most direct route. The state of 99 is horrific. In an RV it is hurtful to me because of too much sensory exposure with my ME/CFS. The drive was peaceful, and we were greeted by the fog (Karl) when we crossed over the Bay Bridge.

Trip thoughts:

The National Parks Access pass is a wonderful thing. We got into every park free. You just need to show your photo id, your permanent handicapped placard and the supporting document that goes with it at a National Park.

As those of us who are in wheelchairs know, what says it is accessible and what is actually accessible are two different things. Bryce and the Grand Canyon were pretty much as accessible as they say they were. Arches was a little more accessible than it said it was. Joshua Tree a little less accessible. I apologize for not having more bathroom information on this trip. It was during covid and we were only using the RV bathroom, so I had zero first hand experience.

The RV we got through Kyle at Outdoorsy did have a lift for the wheelchair, which does work, but since we got the folding one my husband just lifted it in and out each time. He was extremely helpful from when we made the booking all the way up to returning it. The RV was retrofitted with a lift to get the chair in and out and with straps to hold it in place for driving, but it did not have room to maneuver the chair in the RV or anything in terms of accommodations for the bathroom. It worked for me since I can walk short distances (20 feet), but others might need a better ADA setup.

All in all it was a lovely trip. By random coincidence I needed antibiotics the whole time, which boosted my energy level significantly. Ordinarily I would have needed to lay down in the back for half the time at least, but with the antibiotics I was able to recline in the front seat and take photos. I was also able to get out with the cane a bit more than I normally would have.

This trip gave me a taste for exploring National Parks. Looking forward to seeing Yosemite in the future.

Published by Mary Corey March

I am a contemporary artist living and working in San Francisco. The root of my work is exploring both the individual person and humanity through identity, relationships, diversity, and commonality. How do we define ourselves and each other? Where do we draw the lines and what happens _on_ those lines? How to we frame our experiences? How much of our humanity can come through in a data format? Through our symbolic images? Our words? Our definitions? Our bodies? These are the questions I delve into again and again. In May of 2017 I became disabled with ME/CFS. I have since continued my artwork with the help of assistants. I am in a wheelchair outside of the home.

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